Election years can be great
for graphic designers.

Why? Because, quote Mike Monteiro,

"Design is always political."

This past decade has seen catastrophic shifts in global politics, the economy and the environment. With change having the ability to insight everything from hope to anger to fear, it's become increasingly important for the public to engage, have an opinion and be “in the know”. Graphic design has played a pivotal role in dictating and reacting to the major political moments of our times, and quite simply, one design can change the face of a campaign forever. There are many ways to create and disseminate political ideas. Graphic design makes a demonstrable difference in how people are informed, educated, entertained and provoked. Therefore...

Use design for good

Political campaigns offer the opportunity to develop and refine a wide assortment of skills in an extremely fast-paced and flexible environment. Moreover, they give a unique perspective into the electoral process, as well as the cares and concerns of elected officials and the American public. Campaign work can often lead directly or indirectly to government employment down the road.

Campaign work is certainly not for everyone. There is usually little formal mentoring, little structured feedback, little administrative support, and little free time – and given the finite nature of the campaign cycle, often little long-term stability. But for those with a passion for political campaigns or for getting a unique perspective on our democratic process, getting involved in one can be an incredibly rewarding and fruitful experience. And as in other career arenas, getting involved in one campaign is usually the best way to get involved in others down the road.


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If you have any inclination to be involved in a political campaign, do it! The pace can be challenging, but the work is rarely boring, and individual effort makes a difference every day. In addition to the satisfaction that comes from working for someone you respect and whose positions you support, there is a sense of gratification that comes from working on a project where there will be demonstrable winners, losers, and an end date. You will also build cameraderie and relationships with individuals that can be beneficial far into the future. Campaigns can provide a host of experiences and levels of excitement that are difficult to match in any other environment.